A bit by chance, a bit by inspiration, which perhaps will produce something soon, I reached for Leśmian. And I was amazed. I remembered very little from school. That it was the Young Poland period, that there were sensual descriptions and metaphors, and that he was a relative of Brzechwa. And as it turnes out that he is very interesting; radical in his time, and even today he is a very original voice in the topics circling around the importance of singing and rhythm, influencing the knowledge about the role of words and poetry, and a few other things. And that this focus on sensuality is probably only a superficial and essentially incorrect reading. As I said, maybe something will be born out of it.

In my other readings, along the lines of searching for the sources of own identity, let's say, I came across Chamstwo (The Peasants) by Kacper Pobłocki. It is truly ovewhelming to think how many freedoms, comforts and other privileges, completely unimaginable to whole generations of my ancestors, I can enjoy.

I’m looking at the New Horizons’ Cinema for Children festival that is available online. I am a little bit irritated by a certain over-emphasis on educational content according to the only correct paradigms in terms of society and outlook on life. I would have preferred more ambiguity. Nevertheless, it is great that it exists; the paradigms – although far from only – are basically right.

On the mountain metaphors, it is good to walk along a ridge on the way from peak to peak, but sometimes it is difficult, because, let’s say, it is too windy, or the sun is too bright, or the ridge is too narrow. Various paths below are tempting. But it is also easy to get lost in the easier paths, not to mention to stumble and roll. Although this is probably always a threat. In any case, it is better not to stray too far from the ridge. At the same time, I understand and share the desire to go straight down, lie down in the shadow of the valley and fall asleep, forever.

It is not uncommon for the ground to shake in Katowice. Lately it seems to be more frequent and stronger. Yesterday morning I grabbed a chair and for a whole few minutes it seemed to me that the world was swaying and could not calm down. Of course, the impression that it doesn’t sway and can’t fall apart at any time is just a handy but also a funny illusion.

(transl. Magdalena Małek-Andrzejowska)