It is hard for me to resist the impression that everything is a coherent puzzle composed of eternally recurring themes and motifs – meaningful symbols that tend to link and connect into larger patterns that ask for searching for such links and connections. Perhaps it is a funny remnant of the times when a highly developed associative memory was an important survival strategy (for example, to remember the way to edible and poisonous resources and the way back home) or maybe it is more than that (after all, one does not exclude the other). A series of calls to action that, it seems, need to be answered one by one, without looking too far ahead, but all the while being ready for different turns and changes of pace.

Ecclesiastes. Baczyński. Josef, Alois. Kóba, Wiktoryn. Gorilla, Snake. Bull.

Vladimir, Volodymyr.

My head is spinning.

(transl. Magdalena Małek-Andrzejowska)