Not much today. A break, of sorts, though it’s not so much a break as catching up on various things. I won’t write about my next piece yet. I’ll write one thing, though, that I was apparently very much wrong when I wrote that I would not work on two pieces at a time. As luck would have it, I’m just now picking up something that I started a while (2 years ago) back, but set it aside. I need to finish it now, alongside another big piece that is gaining momentum. More about this next week. That piece I need to pick up now is a double flute concerto for Agata and Łukasz Długosz. I’m glad. It looks like they will be accompanied by the Vilnius orchestra.

And yesterday HEVEL was sung for the second time at NOSPR. It sounded good, more confident, calmer. That concert was held in the memory of Andrzej Chłopecki. It will soon be 10 years since he passed. HEVEL was on point in different ways. Death and mourning is one thing, but also because Andrzej used to be a bit like a subversive prophet whose teaching was always captivating and somehow profound, even if sometimes difficult to understand at first. I can easily imagine Ecclesiastes, with the face of a bearded, ironically smiling Andrzej.

Incidentally, our concert took place at a chamber hall, with an audience on the more intimate side too. At the same time, the main concert hall was filled with crowds for the performance of Piotr Rubik. I’m not surprised, I’m not complaining, it is not my role; I even understand the reasons, and in any case – I see the way things are. Andrzej, on the other hand, had an ambition to change (to improve, in his view) the world, and he certainly wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to make a blunt comment, if he hadn’t been rolling over in his grave right now, probably gnashing his teeth and giggling.

(transl. Magdalena Małek-Andrzejowska)