These were long two weeks. Fate writes its own Post Scripta, meaningful summaries. Perhaps life is a synchronization with some waves on some surface, a resonance. And demise is a desynchronization, the end of a consonance and descending into the deep.

 רָחוֹק, מַה-שֶּׁהָיָה; וְעָמֹק עָמֹק, מִי יִמְצָאֶנּוּ.

Anyway, one of the important principles of all being seems to be remembering. Possibility of continuation, evolution, even revolution requires recognizing and preserving part of what has been. On a social-civilizational level, as well as individual-organic and even very basic, material-energetical. Without it there is just a homogenous chaos, or there is nothing.

I will continue writing the "log". For now, it has turned out to be something different than expexted. But it serves some purpose. We will see what comes out of it.

Because the next thing is supposed to be partly international, I will publish English version of the posts. Due to technical limitations, the translation is below the main text.


End of April / begining of May, middle (or beginning, probably not the end) of pandemy. An old idea came back to me. I don't know if it is a good idea, but since it's here, I will try to realize it. The moment is conducive.

It will be a work diary. A record of steps on the path from empty page to finished score, with elements of what appears in sight during the process of writing a piece. Perhaps also in the future.

I imagine it to be a sort of a log-book. Aim, course, weather and the most important events. Without narration; the dramaturgy is only implied.

What for?

In order to outline the context of the composition, its' history; to preserve things that flee after the work is finished, perhaps regretably.

Maybe instead of a common base of meanings universally understood by the "senders" and "receivers", which is lost. For personal use, without ambition of saving the world. Maybe instead of a program note.

We will see.


I am assuming posts every Sunday, summing up a week.

I am not expecting a dialogue with possible readers, not during writing anyway. I am sending reports, message exchange is not possible.

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