Fiddler's Green and White Savannas Never More

for male voices and chamber orchestra (2006)

The composer's idea here was to depict reflections and experiences related to a sea voyage into the cold and inhospitable regions of the North Atlantic. It was supposed to be a musical record of impressions, a kind of sound journal kept on an ongoing basis. It turned out very quickly that it couldn't have been a more naive idea. Not to mention the "logistical" difficulties that would involve keeping such a diary, the "sea reflections", contrary to what might be expected, were exceptionally, so to speak, down-to-earth. Thus, one option was to idealize and mythologize, which is alien to the composer, or to enter an aesthetics bordering on vulgarity, which, at least in the composer's subjective opinion, is not his nature. Ultimately, the composer decided to resort to the broadly understood metaphor, figurative and non-literal. In short, almost nothing here is what it seems, just as life at sea is not what it seems. And the less it is clear what is, the better, because it is closer to what it is, and it is not wind and water.

The piece was commissioned by the Foundation of the Friends of Warsaw Autumn, as part of the Förderpreise für Polen project for the work of the young generation of Polish and foreign composers, financed by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.


Performance history:

PREMIERE: October 11, 2006; New Music Orchestra, Camerata Silesia, Szymon Bywalec; Velvet Curtain Festival 2; National Philharmonic Hall in Lviv


December 20, 2009; New Music Orchestra, Cantus Floridus, Szymon Bywalec; Promotional concert of the album "Fiddler's Green"; Concert Hall of the Polish Radio Katowice


Recordings history:

April 10, 2007; New Music Orchestra, Camerata Silesia, Szymon Bywalec; realization: Lech Dudzik, Gabriela Blicharz; Concert Hall of the Silesian Philharmonic in Katowice

Fragment 1
Fragment 2

Performers: Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej, Camerata Silesia

Szymon Bywalec - director