Night Transit

for chamber orchestra (2012)

The work is inspired by long, night journeys over long distances - by collective means of transport such as a plane, train, bus or sea ferry, and the associated special state of suspension - between places and dates, and between events that took place before the trip and will take place after it; everything that happens now - during the journey has a temporary dimension and seems to function on a basis other than everyday life.

Such journeys are also associated with a specific aura of sound - the sound associated with the type of means of transport is absolutely dominant, i.e. the type of engine or other and the type of ground or medium through which we travel. This mechanical, monotonous and in a sense aggressive sound becomes the background for all thoughts and feelings; gives them rhythm and color. You cannot free yourself from it, so you have to tame it in some way and "connect" with it.

It all adds up to a specific state of consciousness, close to a trance, which the piece tells about.


The piece was written in 2012, at the request of the 10th SACRUM-PROFANUM FESTIVAL.


Performance history:

PREMIERE: 10/09/2012, Sacrum-Profanum Festival; Łaźnia Nova Theater in Krakow

performers: Alarm Will Sound, Alan Pierson

Fragment 1
Fragment 2

Performers: Alarm Will Sound

Alan Pierson - cond