to the words

for mixed choir and symphony orchestra (2018)

hastidasaṇā | elephants

Asoka; Rock edicts, Magadha, c. 250 bc


πλοία [ploía] | ships

Theodora; Great (Holy) Palace, Constantinople, 1/13/532


anisello | donkey

Girolamo Savonarola; Cathedral, Florence, 12/05/1496



William Cobbett; House of Commons, London, 18/07/1833


voyages | travels

Simone Weil; Parliament, Paris, November 26, 1974


رطملاك [kalmatar] | rain

Osama bin Laden; al Jazeera, October 29, 2004


überzeugung | conviction

Joseph Ratzinger; Bundestag, Berlin, September 22, 2011


fala | wave

Jaroslaw Kaczynski; Monument of the Great Synagogue, Białystok, 27/06/2016


The composition was created in 2018 on commission of the National Philharmonic and the Warsaw Autumn Festival, with the support of the IMiT compositional commission program.


Performance history:

PREMIERE: 21/09/2018, Warsaw Autumn Festival; National Philharmonic in Warsaw

performers: Choir and Orchestra of the National Philharmonic in Warsaw; Johannes Kalitzke


Performers: Choir and Orchestra of the National Philharmonic in Warsaw

Johannes Kalitzke - cond