La la la

for voice eternized, amplified quartet and strings (2018)

The composition was created with the participation and courtesy of an exceptional person: Asia Lewandowska. Her sharp, yet simple, on the one hand uncompromising and, on the other hand, compassionate view of the world and its affairs is best expressed in her singing, which became both a sonic and ideological inspiration for the piece.


The piece was commissioned by the AUKSO Orchestra for the first edition of the AUKSODRONE Festival in Tychy.


Performance history:

PREMIERE: October 7, 2018; 1. AUKSODRONE Festival, Mediateque in Tychy; performers: AUKSO, Przemysław Scheller (sampler), Marek Moś (cond.)



AUKSO, Przemysław Scheller, Marek Moś